Hi! I’m ClaudiaG

I’m an entrepreneur. And a mother. And a wife. All day, every day. My passion: giving back.

I’m sure my story has many things in common with yours. But it’s also as unique as each of us!

My life journey has been a progression of challenges and solutions, setbacks and wins. This has brought me to realize that building my own dream business is not at odds with helping others build theirs. In fact, that’s giving back in action!

I’m here to serve. To share experiences and tools to help you become the best version of yourself while building the best version of your dream business.

I’m so glad you’re here! 

You actually do know what you want in life…

you just choose to ignore it until it bites you!

I was born and raised in Colombia, the land of magical realism and the greatest coffee in the world. I came to Houston for college 20 years ago with a dream to start my own business. So much so that I not only majored in business, but continued to a graduate program in business!


First thing I did was get a job in corporate America. After all, that’s what we trained for at school.

But after a few years of a 9-5 corporate job, with 2 small kids and a household to run, I leaped out of this “comfort zone” and embarked in this incredible journey of entrepreneurship. And have never looked back…

Finally. The time had come. I started a product-based business of something I LOVE: handbags and accessories and ClaudiaG Collection was born.

Getting started is the hard part, so they say…

I started off like most of you.

Lots of energy, not much money and NEVER expecting it to be so tough.

You quickly learn to deal with daily ups and downs and a thousand decisions to make. I found myself learning as much as I could about motivation, leadership, online marketing, influencers, list building, sales funnels…

But wait! Did I miss those classes at school? The ones on “real life business-building & marketing skills”? Nope, those were not in the syllabus…

So you take on the challenge like a champ and push forward. You must. After all, this is your passion and you’ll learn and do whatever it takes to build it.

Is this starting to sound familiar? If you’re like most people I talk to, you can relate. The path is uneven, confusing and sometimes disheartening. But the goal is bright, beautiful and definitely attainable.

But then came August 26, 2017 and Hurricane Harvey hit Houston. Badly.

It took away our warehouse full of product and every single piece of a collection I had not even launched. Oh, and everything in my house too.

It was a  low blow, an even though I had some very tough days, I knew I couldn’t give up. The way I see it today, I was given not only perspective, but also options:  I could get a job and get on with life. Or, I could continue to push myself as an entrepreneur, rebuild the business from scratch and reconsider my definition of a “curve ball”.

And here we go again!

Starting from scratch meant an enormous investment in new product and that was out of the question at the time.  But having spent years building the ClaudiaG Collection brand, growing the business and executing marketing strategies across many channels, I realized it was a natural step to share this know-how with other companies! 

So I went at it again, and in parallel to the rebuilding efforts, my husband and I started a digital media agency to help clients grow and accelerate their business through online channels. We have been serving dozens of clients in several industries, delivering valuable results. It has been a humbling and enriching experience. 

But the story doesn’t end here…

My best A-Ha moment to date

It suddenly hit me. An epiphany!

I realized I could actually bring together my core entrepreneurial drivers: build a dream business AND help others do the same! At scale. Touching many more lives and businesses than I could ever do 1-on-1.

It wasn’t hard to realize that my next calling would be to serve others by sharing my knowledge and experience and re-tracing my steps to re-building a successful business while hand holding others on the same path.

You need to take ownership of your success through action (actually doing). It’s no longer good enough to have the “play-by-play” manual. Action is the key to conquer self-doubt and generate momentum.

And I strongly believe that when you put your heart into anything, you’re unstoppable.

When you combine the right mindset and attitude with proven strategies and tools… well, the purpose of ClaudiaG Studio is to help you:

Become the best version of yourself while building the best version of your dream business.

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