The best way to reach your ideal client is to speak to who she is inside—that part she likes to hide from the world in her anxiety to become a success.

But how do you know you’ve got it right? When she feels like you’re her best friend or hope; when you get personal responses to your posts and steady engagement with your posts and in your Groups, you’ve got it right. You’ve found her.

But who is she? What’s her life like?

Where does she dream of going on vacation? How much money does she want to earn? Incorporate these and other elements in your overall branding to better reach her.

Here are another four questions you need to ask:

  • What is her goal? Her dream? What she wants from interacting with you in particular?
  • What is her everyday life like? Her budget? Her family? Her level of education and other demographic details?
  • Will she want “quick and dirty” tips to get things done fast, or more in-depth explanations and stories?
  • What does she need most, right now? Coaching? Forms, checklists and templates to help her get essentials done? Content? A course in something?

Look to people you already know for the answers. Who on social media always engages with you? Which of your subscribers shows she actually reads your emails and newsletter? Which members of Groups you run, or Groups you are in, is the most helpful? The most interested? The most willing to discuss a question or consider alternatives? Frequently shares your image quotes or posts on other social media platforms? Who loves your Pinterest inspiration board?

And who, among this sisterhood, buys products and is quick to recommend them when they work?

Most important, who takes action on things she has learned and offers people make?

At this point, you may already have an idea of your ideal client. Someone you already know may leap to mind. If that’s so, start creating products specifically for her, and use her as your “Client Avatar” (your ideal client)—for your reference only, of course.