If you have an existing website, you will want to make sure your content is “on brand”. And the same goes for your social media pages and cover photos.

If you have done any sort of updating to your brand, be sure to make sure that all your links are still relevant and active. Update that sign-up link on your Facebook page. Double-check that your sign-up web contact form is still triggering its specific email series. Remove or replace links that don’t work. “Refresh” old articles by using new, more brand-aligned examples, recommending better, more brand-aligned products or rewriting them altogether.

Google yourself, to see if there are any search results about you that are no longer relevant to your brand. If so, either refresh that link (assuming it’s something you have control over, like a blog post) or make sure you provide plenty of new, active and ongoing content to push irrelevant results out of sight in Google search results.

And make sure that your current email series is still relevant to your refreshed brand. Changing your sign-up gift can be a perfect opportunity to re-launch your website—as well as changing Autoresponders, if you are upgrading your automation.

Also make sure that:

  • Your web hosting plan is still adequate for your needs
  • Your Autoresponder price is still in alignment with your budgets
  • You use quality services and platforms

You might not think using quality services and platforms has anything to do with branding, but it’s an integral part of brand excellence. You don’t want your new subscribers giving up on you because you used a free webinar service that didn’t work properly, or used free but amateurish clipart.

That’s not to say that all expensive services are automatically the best solution. There are top-quality free services that might be perfectly adequate to your needs right now. (Just make sure you can upgrade to a paid version when your audience grows and your needs expand with that growth.)

What we are talking about here is quality, as in professional appearance and ease-of-use (both for you and for your subscribers and customers). And that applies whether or not said service or app is free or takes a huge bite out of your budget.

Once you have your brand determined, your new website built or your old website updated, do take that one last step further than many of your peers and competitors, and check out your old sites, presences and services to make sure they still work and are in complete alignment with your new (or new-and-improved) brand.   If not, update them!