Evergreen content is content that will last a long time and keeps working for you for a long time. In some niches, a long time is a few months, and in others, it’s literally forever. Evergreen content needs to be relevant, interesting to the audience, and something they find value in enough to comment, like, and share with their friends.

Evergreen content can be free content or paid content, it’s up to you. The important thing is that you need to develop content that lasts a long time that can promote your products which also can be sold for a long time. By doing this, you can make sales every day of the year and not just when you launch something new. Thus, your business will be a lot more stable.

Let’s look at some evergreen content that you might want to create for your needs:

  • Round-Up Posts – Some people like to do this weekly, but it really depends on your niche. At least doing it yearly will offer your audience a look back at the interesting things you blogged about or read on other blogs throughout the time.
  • Interviews & Case Studies – If anyone has already bought from you and has submitted a testimonial or agreed to do a case study, you can interview them using video. Take that video, transcribe it, cut it up, and use it all over the place in bits and pieces but also in the whole version.
  • Whitepapers – A whitepaper is really supposed to talk all about a problem, and then offer more than one solution, including your own solution which you highlight in the whitepaper. A whitepaper can be evergreen if the product or problem you are talking about is still there.
  • Epic Guide Blog Post – You can write a long-form epic post that acts as a guide to get your audience around your website. The post can be a couple thousand words or more and guide your audience through your site, their problems, and your solutions.
  • Product Reviews – This works very well if you’re an affiliate marketer. If the product is still for sale, the product review is evergreen. If the product does stop selling or you start wanting to use a new one, just do an update on the post to lead them in the right direction.
  • The History Of – Everyone wants to know all about your industry or niche or you. Create blog posts or videos (or both) to talk about the history of your business and how it started. Consequently, you can use this idea for anything within your niche at all.
  • List Posts – Lists are always a good way to present information to your audience, and an evergreen list is a really good idea. Just make sure the things in your list are also evergreen but also remember you can update posts later too.
  • Your Story – People do want to know about you and how you got to where you are. Tell them. You can do it in an epic post, or you can do a video of your story. It can be a series where you tell the story of your beginning slowly, or it can be one long piece.
  • Best Practices – This is another idea for an evergreen post. Talking about the best practices for anything in your business. For example, if you sell a course about “How to Write Your First Children’s Book,” you can also write a “Best Practices for Publishing Your First Children’s Book” blog post.
  • Definitions – For some types of niches, a great way to educate the audience is to provide a list of definitions for commonly used words, phrases, and jargon used in your niche.
  • Courses & Tutorials – This is another way to create amazing educational and interactive content for your audience that they’re going to find extremely useful.
  • Book Lists – Creating a list of and reviews of several books that you’ve found helpful within your niche is a useful and money-making evergreen post idea.

And of course, every single piece of content you create from these ideas can also be repurposed and reused in a new way. Every blog post can become a podcast, and every video can become a blog post, and so forth. When you start thinking of all the ways you can use one piece of evergreen content, it becomes clear why it’s so valuable and important.

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