When you stack the smart marketing habits together, you’ll increase your results exponentially. For example, each marketing task doesn’t really live on an island alone, it works in conjunction with another marketing task.

Let’s look at how all this works together:

Marketing Collateral and What to Stack

  • Product Sales Page – If you already have a sales page, you can always work on improving as you go. One thing to think about is what content will be needed to give someone a reason to click through to the sales page? What are some of the ways you can tweak it and improve? As you learn, try changing just one small thing at a time on a duplicate and run split testing to see if you can improve your ROI.
  • Lead Magnet Landing Page – If you are promoting a lead magnet to build your list and market the main product, what type of content will link to this lead magnet page? Once you create the page, you must market the page. Try promoting on social media, in email messages, and in blog posts. Plus add a pop up to your website promoting the lead magnet.
  • Educational Blog Posts – When you take the time to write and publish blog posts to help your SEO and to bring more traffic while educating and engaging your audience, think about how that post affects other aspects of your business and the ways you might get more eyes on it. Then do it.
  • Social Media Blurbs & Posts – If you are posting social media blurbs, they need to have a reason for existing. Are they going to link to the lead magnet page or a blog post or the sales page? Why? How can you make it more exciting? Maybe you do a serious of “live” tips on your FB page and then turn them into ads to get more eyes and clicks.
  • YouTube Videos – When you make a YouTube video for something, what is the purpose? If you are making a video with the intent that people will click a link, you’ll have to ensure you speak the call to action, plus use text overlay to emphasize the CTA. Then you’ll have to market the video to everyone via your blog, social media, email, and perhaps FB ads.
  • Live Facebook Videos – One method of getting attention today is to “Go Live” on Facebook. Try doing “Tuesday Tips” or daily live Q & A before, during, and after any launch effort. After the recording, you can download, edit, and upload to YouTube, or you can promote the video on FB to get more eyes on it.
  • Facebook Remarketing Ad – One very simple thing you can do right now is to go to Facebook and grab your pixel and put it on your site. Then whenever you are running a launch, run remarketing ads to the people who have visited your site but did not buy anything.

When you combine the marketing skills you’re learning together, you will get so much more out of the results. Mastering Facebook ads while improving your sales pages and trying new techniques like strategically placed popups and/or pop-unders so that you can build your list, make more sales, and make more money faster makes stacking smart marketing habits fun.


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